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Bahati sheds tears on live TV talking about mother’s death

Posted By : Mutala.Yakubu

Reality TV star and gospel singer Bahati on Friday evening broke into tears during an interview with fellow artist and presenter Anto Neosoul on NTV's The Trend show.

The singer opened up about the pain of losing his mother at the young age of seven years. The emotional Barua hitmaker started by saying how much he misses his late mother.

“At times I miss her… even when I’m growing, as a musician… at times I'm misunderstood… but I’m only trying my best… to make her proud,” a teary Bahati said.

“There are some stories that have been said that I cannot just share with the public. But to my mum every day I work hard to make her proud,” he added.

The father of four also recounted what he went through as a boy when he witnessed his mother’s death.

“If I can remember so well, I was seven at Huruma that is in Mathare constituency. My mum fell sick and I remember it was on 26 December coz watu walikuwa wanakula chapo. And the next day after Christmas niliona akitolewa na blanketi,” he narrated.

He further disclosed that ever since he started his record label, he hasn’t earned money from the artists he signed. He went on to add that a reason why he gives back so much to the society is because he was assisted when his mother passed on.

“Record labels in Kenya are dead because new artists are not making money. I have never made any money from the artists I have supported ever since I started. It is just in me. Someone supported me so I have to keep supporting them, even when I am insulted for doing it,” he said.

Last month the singer and his wife, Diana Marua ushered their second child together to the world.

The couple who star in their own reality show dubbed Being Bahati have a daughter, Heaven Bahati, and their adopted child Morgan.

Bahati has another daughter, Mueni whom she sired with his ex, Yvette Obura.

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