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Ellen surprises Kenyan woman on her show

Posted By : Michael Klugey
Ellen surprises Kenyan woman on her show
Ellen surprises Kenyan woman on her show

@TheEllenShow is trending on Twitter in Kenya at the moment after US TV host Ellen spoke to a Kenyan woman, Achieng Agutu, on her programme.

She said that Ms Agutu was spotted among audience members after showing some great dance moves in the pre-show warm up.

Ellen then surprised her guest by bringing her parents and brother, who she hadn't seen for two years, on to the set:

Ms Agutu spoke about how hard she worked and studied in the US, to the obvious approval of the audience.

Despite some positive comments from people enjoying the story. Ms Agutu is being criticised in Kenya.

She said she improved her English through watching the musicians perform on the Ellen Show, after which she went to a local cybercafe, in her hometown in western Kenya, to download the lyrics.

But some commenters on Twitter think she has misled people as English is a compulsory subject at school:


But others have come to her defence:


Source: BBC





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