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'If selling p*ssy paid well I would not be hustling so hard' - Huddah

Posted By : Richmond thompson
'If selling p*ssy paid well I would not be hustling so hard' - Huddah

Huddah is tired of hearing people say she sells p*ssy for a living!

According to her, these are just baseless rumors and most people assume this because she has money and the opportunity to travel all over the world.

Stories about her ‘business’ started after Huddah branded herself as a socialite in Kenya and after a while, she ventured into the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Being on the limelight, Huddah managed to mingle with so many wealthy people who apparently paid well for her services.

Just recently Kiss 100’s presenter Kamene Goro was heard saying that there was no way a person like Huddah with class 3 English was just able to buy a Range Rover and live in one of Nairobi’s post estates.

Kamene went on to say that Huddah was making p*desh coins hence her lifestyle

P*ssy doesn’t pay well

In a new post shared by Huddah, the lass says that she has earned everything she owns through hard work.

Apparently selling p*desh in the States doesn’t pay as people think; If it did then she wouldn’t be hustling as hard as she does. Huddah wrote;


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