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Khaligraph should quit rap and become a singer

Posted By : Michael Klugey
Khaligraph should quit rap and become a singer
Khaligraph should quit rap and become a singer

If I was Khaligraph Jones, I would be toying with the idea of ditching rap for singing, even if it’s just for a few years. Because, why not?

If you talk about Kenyan rappers, he is definitely one of the people who come to anyone’s mind. Well, this is simply because he one of the finest, if not the finest, rappers in East Africa.

After dominating the local rap scene for the last decade or so, I feel that it’s time for him to take up another challenge and that is venturing into singing on a full time basis. I’ll explain why.

Khaligraph showed us his mellow side in his last two collabos with Masauti and Otile Brown, especially the latter. The songs were different but in a good way. We loved them, at least most of us did. He proved to local music fans that he is much more than a rapper by singing in the two songs.

Both Kiboko (Remix) and Japo Kidogo have been getting good reviews so much so that Khaligraph joked that he had given other rappers Octopizzo time to shine as he does love songs and I feel that he should take up the challenge and do more of such songs for some time, say the rest of the year.

You see, we’ve gotten used his abrasive style music. After all, isn’t he the OG? However, I feel that this should not necessarily be the case. Think of great artists like Donald Glover. He is one of the biggest names in America today because of his sheer versatility.

Khaligraph should follow in Donald’s footsteps or any other versatile artist that he admires. One thing is for sure, if he ventures into singing, his fan base would really grow since ‘soft’ songs have a wider appeal than rap. This is one of the reasons why Nigerian and Tanzanian music is big in Kenya.


Over to you Khaligraph. The ball is now on your court. What do you think of this, leave a comment below.