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Kenyan MPs accused of being greedy and on a binge

Posted By : Mutala.Yakubu
Kenyan MPs accused of being greedy and on a binge
Kenyan MPs accused of being greedy and on a binge

Kenyan MPs are demanding an increase to several allowances, including money to buy a vehicle and attending parliamentary sessions, privately owned Daily Nation newspaper is reporting.

On the front page, the newspaper says the MPs are "on a binge" and then inside it says "greed [is] at its peak".

In the past, Kenyan MPs have been accused of being among some of the highest paid lawmakers in the world, but in 2017 they got a 15 % pay cut as part of efforts to reduce public spending.

The Daily Nation has seen a memorandum sent earlier this year by MPs to parliament's Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

It estimates that if the demand to boost allowances is agreed to, then members could take home at least $20,500 (£16,400) a month, nearly double their current monthly income.

The newspaper says that according to the memo, which is signed by the speaker of the National Assembly, MPs want to increase mortgage entitlements, improve medical cover and double their car grants to $97,500.

They also want a 50% increase in the sitting allowance - the amount MPs get paid to attend a session.

Source: BBC


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