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Raila Blasts Ruto, Accusses Him Financing the Chaos in the Senate

Posted By : Mutala.Yakubu

ODM leader Raila Odinga has pointed fingers at Deputy President William Ruto over the Senate stalemate on the Revenue Sharing Formula.

In a hard-hitting statement on Tuesday, the former Prime Minister without directly mentioning Ruto said the DP is fuelling division among Senators with the hope that he can gain an edge in competitive politics.

Senators for a record 9th time failed to deliver the county revenue sharing formula on Monday. The debate was adjourned and a 12 Member Committee formed to broker the stalemate. Raila says Senators failed the integrity question in the discussions. He said the lawmakers ought to have been guided by public good in the discussions.

“It was absolutely unnecessary to turn the debate on sharing of revenue among counties into a contest between losers and gainers, pastoralists and agriculturalists, regions and tribes,” he said in the statement.

The African Union envoy warned warlords to stop financing divisions among Senators.

“The warlords need to stop beating the drums of war or financing the divisive rhetoric and our legislators involved in this matter need to search their souls in all honesty and put public good above private gain,” he said.

Raila had previously supported the Third Revenue Formula before he changed his stand and asked Senators to come up with a win-win formula for all counties.

Ruto, on the other hand, has always maintained that Senators must come up with a formula that will ensure no county losses funds.

Both leaders have bashed police officers for arresting Senators on the eve of the vote. Ruto said Jubilee was not elected to bully citizens and leaders through police officers. Raila warned that using police officers to arrest leaders may take away the gains made on our path to democratization.


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