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Meet Ian Dennis, dreamer out to revolutionize SMEs with prime business show

Posted By : Mutala.Yakubu
Ian Dennis [Photo: Courtesy]
Ian Dennis [Photo: Courtesy]

Are you an entrepreneur with an eye for a bigger and better slice of the national cake? Then a new prime business show targeting your SME dubbed the Business Coach that is set to premiere on Friday the 18th of January 2019 on KTN Home is just the show for you.

SDE sat down with the host Ian Dennis and he revealed why it is the show to watch.

Who is Ian Dennis?

I am quite a diverse individual, and can simply describe myself as a jack of many trades and a master of some. I am an entrepreneur, I run a firm called VICI Group Limited which is a corporate training firm, I am a media enthusiast currently working with Standard Group as Head of creative video/Video on Demand in the Digital department. Now a host to an awesome new show called the Business Coach and also am a Church Boy.

Interesting, how do you juggle it all?

It’s all about priority at any point because they all aligned to my vision and dreams. I personally want to live full and die empty so most of the time I am up and down working and chasing my dream hoping the paper will follow me.

You never studied media, how did you get into it?

I studied Bachelor of Commerce at Strathmore University as well as ACCA. While in second year in University, I tried emceeing for an event and realized I was quite good at it.

I later set up an online talking show via YouTube called the Ian Dennis Show where I used to interview my fellow students who pursued their dreams beyond class to inspire others to just not study but pursue their gifts.

Some of my friends who I interviewed then become quite successful, the likes of Billy Odhiambo who plays for the sevens team, Wangechi who is a renowned rapper, Esther Kinuthia who now works for Google in Ireland.

One day while within the University I met with Larry Madowo who was at the University hosting a Business Show. I approached him and introduced my self as well as told him about my passion for media and only asked for an opportunity to visit the Nation Studios and watch him do the Trend as I was a fan. He agreed. When I got into the studio gallery I knew there and then this is what I wanted to do in addition to business.

Talking of Business, How has your journey been?

While in second year, I set up a jewelry business together with friends. Our highlight was setting a stall to sell at the Safaricom Sevens where we at least managed to break even.

From that, I was hungry to venture more into Business. I set up next to a production studio in partnership with my mentor, Joseph Njue, while in third year called Figure Studios which we run quite successfully. In 2016 I set up a VICI Group Limited.

You now have a business show?

Yes, quite excited about it because in 2017 is when I got the idea and even shot a pilot for it by myself.  I dreamed that it will get on TV and even pitched to various stations to no fruition but God has his ways.

The Business Coach, what is it all about?

The show entails me meeting with entrepreneurs running SMEs so as to find out the challenges they are facing hindering their success.

After identifying the challenges, I link the entrepreneur with an established entrepreneur in the business and industry for them to get tips to overcome the challenges they are facing.

How did the Idea come up?

Personally, I have made strides in life and business because of mentorship.  Knowing the importance and potential business hold to the economy I thought it would be prudent to set up a platform for the entrepreneurs.

Where and when can one watch the show?

The show premieres tomorrow on KTN Home at 7.30 pm.  Viewers who may not be able to get to their TV set by then can also live stream through the KTN Website.

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