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Conservationists call for action against ecological degradation

Posted By : Wendy Amarteifio
Conservationists call for action against ecological degradation

Some environmentalists now want President Uhuru Kenyatta to declare an ecological emergency in order to avert more environmental degradation.

According to the conservationists, the declaration will be a vital first step towards stimulating the urgent action to save the country's natural heritage which is in the verge of death.

The petitioners, led by Ms Paula Kahumbu of WildlifeDirect, said environmental degradation in both the marine and dry land is a major contributor in the extinction of some animals and plants.


“Most of the rivers are drying up and fish are dying in our lakes. Forests are burning and our magnificent coral reefs are dying. The consequences for humans are also devastating," reads the petition. According to the January 2019 UN Environment Foresight Brief report, more than 40 percent of insect species are dying out and a third are endangered. The most affected insects according to the United Nations include bees, ants, butterflies and moths.


The lobby noted that although Kenya banned the single use plastic bags, more than 2,000 tons of solid waste are dumped daily in rivers in Nairobi alone.

"Our ecosystems are exposed to a range of threats which include loss of natural habitats due to changes in land use, uncontrolled exploitation of plants, animals and marine resources, climate change, pollution, and invasions of alien species,” the report further says.

They further called on the president to form a multi-stakeholder team that will coordinate the nation’s response to this emergency.

Credit: Daily Nation

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